Its all about Bitcoin

It’s all about Bitcoin. Global borders no longer hold the same significance they once did. In a decentralized world that is flourishing with new technology, there is no need for anyone on Earth to struggle to find clean water, although unfortunately, some still do (see Charity Water to help).

With the swipe of a finger, one can have access to light during darkness and study all of human history and knowledge. Low Earth orbit satellite internet coverage is about to expand across the globe, connecting everyone, including those in the remotest areas, indiscriminately.

The next step in human civilization is Bitcoin – an impartial, peaceful monetary anchor for the world. It provides a way to remove the need for trust in monetary third parties for everyone, from individuals to the most powerful governments. It’s a way to store value that cannot be debased, and it operates on a closed-loop system that is not influenced by a political agenda. It’s the hardest money in existence since the beginning of human civilization.

Bitcoin is a neutral bit of code that everyone can learn the rules for, but no one can change the rules without convincing more than half of the people globally who use it to agree with their point of view. With a current worth of over a trillion dollars, those who are already involved are protecting their investment.

When one starts to think about game theory, they realize how deep the rabbit hole goes. We could be on the verge of a new renaissance for the human race. Therefore, it is advisable to buy Bitcoin, learn about it, protect yourself, and invest in the future of money. Be a part of something bigger.